Welcome to my collective photo exhibition!


Timetables: 19th January - 24th February 2008 . On Saturday and Sunday 15.30 - 19.30


I'm showing some photos in an exhibition at Seravezza, in the chapel close to Palazzo Mediceo. The exhibition's name is "Versilia: Land of Marble". It collects photos from many members of photographic club L'Altissimo. You can visit it if you are curious, because those photos are not on this website yet. : )

This collective photo exhibition is near to two important exhibitions of two professional and great photographers: Erwin Olaf and Janice Mehlman. These exhibitions are organized by Assessorato alla Cultura of Seravezza in cooperation with the photographic club L'Altissimo and FIAF ( Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche ).




You can download the .pdf plan of these exhibitions and some other things here.


the press !